Your Reliable Steel Partner


Comet Trading SA is a family-owned company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, specializing in facilitating trade in various commodities.

The owners of Comet have been active in the trade of bulk commodities for over 30 years, culminating in the registration of Comet Trading SA in Geneva in 2017.

The company has grown rapidly, from its origins in the steel industry, handling raw materials, semi-finished products and finished steel, to now trade a broad portfolio of industrial commodities focusing on the steel and cement industries.

Our head office is in Geneva, managing finance and corporate development. We have trading offices in Cairo, Shanghai and the UK, and commercial representatives in 12 key markets (including India, Brazil, USA and Morocco).


Comet Trading SA serves a diverse range of markets, including but not limited to Southeast Asia (China, Indonesia, Philippines), Europe (The UK, Turkey, Baltic Region, Finland), North Africa (Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco), West Africa (Ivory Coast, Ghana), and South America (Brazil). We offer a wide selection of commodities such as:

Raw materials for the steel industry, Metallurgical coal, coke, iron ore, scrap, pig iron and HBI

Steel products, slabs, billets, hot rolled coil, finished flat products, rebar, wire rod, beams, sections and pipes

Cementitious products, cement in bulk and bags, clinker, fly ash, gypsum, blast furnace slag and limestone

Energy products, thermal coal and pet coke

Other commodities, rock salt, phosphate and fertilizers

At Comet Trading SA, we pride ourselves on having a strong and dedicated team committed to delivering the best prices and services for our clients. Our commercial and back office teams work tirelessly throughout the year to identify market opportunities, negotiate deals, and provide exceptional support to our valued partners.

We have grown significantly in terms of personnel over the last three years, recruiting experienced professionals in both finance and trading from major banks and trading companies.

As a trusted partner to all of our customers, suppliers and stakeholders, we adhere to the highest ethical standards and prioritize building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and understanding.